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Written by Dean Antalik   
Monday, 12 April 2010 22:51


Fur garments have the potential to be transformed. In our expert hands, your fur can be altered, restyled, or remade. At Pollacks Fur, we can find a solution for outdated styling, poor fit as well as damage. There are many options for reinventing your fur; we can shear, dye, re-pattern and remodel your fur investment.


Your luxury garment deserves our attention. A small tear, loose closures, or openings in linings when unnoticed can result in costly repairs.

Worn areas in pelts, pockets, cuffs and hems can be replaced or renewed by our Master Furrier.

Pollacks Fur has a complete repair facility for all your repair needs, staffed by a professional furrier, finisher and tailor. We have the capacity to repair fur, leather and shearling.

At Pollacks Fur we will handle your luxury garment as if it were our own; with care and attention to detail. You can trust your garment with us.


Over the years as a farming, manufacturing, and retailing furrier, We at Pollacks Fur have developed a custom cleaning and conditioning process…

Our unique method of hand cleaning your fur, shearling, or leather provides you the finest chemical free method available for your garments. Our stress free process beautifies your fur while conditioning the leather foundation of your garment; thereby maintaining the silkiness and suppleness of its pelts.

Done annually, cleaning and conditioning by Pollacks Fur assures you warmth, beauty, and lasting enjoyment of your fur garment.

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